Colby Rebel Spirit Center

Website Design | Customisation

I’ve worked with Colby for almost 2 years now. Mainly Graphic Design projects. Till now I deliver over 70 projects for Colby. From flyers and social media banners to large print banners and image editing. Colby Is one of this amazing person who put the trust in my services and believed in Designroom1229 brand to take care of their design, marketing and web presence. Recently Colby opens a Spirit Center in LA and she needed a new website. I am so happy she decided to go with my Webdesign service and give me the option to deliver her new website. The project was completed in under 40 hours including everything from web host setup to customisation, graphics, image editing and launching the website.

Working with many clients regularly making the process easy and very fast as I get to know all they like or dislike, their brand and what to expect from every project.


DESIGNROOM1229 provide full branding and marketing materials design including flyers, brochure, banners, stickers, coffee cups, logos, wristbands, outdoor prints and much more.

What I Did

  • Hosting Setup
  • Website Setup
  • Graphics
  • Customisation